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Position yourself as a future-oriented company. The best way to present yourself innovatively is to be technologically up-to-date. Optimize your onboarding and recruiting process using our virtual reality applications. Our 3D agency from Munich plans, designs and programs applications for onboarding and recruiting that meet your needs.

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significant cost savings

Save time and costs by moving your onboarding process to a digital environment. Repetitive training processes are digitized and information is conveyed more quickly. The result: less personnel costs and shorter training times.

uniform processes

Control the onboarding process through a synchronized application so every location is up-to-date.

complex communication

VR/AR allows your company to convey information in a new way. Instead of showing PowerPoint presentations about the company's history, simply dive straight into the story.

easy adaptation

Once an onboarding application has been developed, it is by no means static. We develop applications dynamically, which means that extensions can be easily implemented even after a project has been completed. Be it a new product or a new location.

high motivation

Increase the motivation of your new employees by showing how important it is to you to have them on board. How do you do that? For example with innovative onboarding solutions in VR or AR.

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