Score points when it comes to acquisitions with the latest VR technology

VR and AR are communication media that can convey much more than print or video. It provides immense support for conveying information at trade fairs, appointments and presentations. But VR/AR not only works on a rational level, but also on an emotional level. A first impression that lasts. Our 3D agency from Munich plans, designs and programs applications for virtual conferencing that meet your needs.

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optimized communication

You don't have to laboriously explain to your customer how your product or service works. Show it in VR or AR!

easy setup

With wireless VR glasses like the Oculus Quest, commissioning and transport are child's play. Integrated sensors also make setting up tripods unnecessary. A tablet is enough for an AR application.

lasting impression

VR and AR applications are impressive in themselves. But we don't rely on the initial WOW effect, but rather develop immersive experiences with tailor-made user experiences.

affordable technology

Market leaders like HTC and Oculus are constantly working to make VR glasses more accessible. Of course, the price plays a big role and continues to fall regularly. All-in-one solutions are already available for less than 500 euros.

future-oriented networking

If you want to expand your application and update it on all of your field staff's devices, this is easily possible. This allows you to adapt to the development of your company.

Use Cases

Product visualisations
Data visualisation


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