Bring your trade fair appearance into another dimension

The time of monotonous trade fair stands is over. Visitors are becoming more demanding. To stay top of mind, you have to be current and memorable. New media such as virtual or augmented reality allow you to present your company effectively. Our 3D agency from Munich plans, designs and programs trade fair appearances that meet your requirements.

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innovative company appearances

Stay one step ahead of the competition and present your company in an exciting and immersive way. Virtual Reality offers you the opportunity to stimulate all your senses and provide an experience that will stay in your memory.

limitless trade fair expansion

No longer limit yourself to the limited rental space of an exhibition center. We create an environment according to your wishes, be it your own halls or even entire cities.

Show, don't tell

Virtual reality is a tool optimized for communicating visual content. At trade fairs it is often not possible to convey complex issues quickly. In VR, the user can first operate an excavator and then treat a patient a few seconds later.

multiple possible applications

Once an application has been designed, it can continue to be used for other marketing purposes. From acquisition to presentations: replace entire environments with one click.

seamless integration of the corporate identity

At a trade fair, the correct communication of the company identity is necessary. We combine corporate design, behavior, communication and culture to create an emotional experience that will amaze your customers.

Use Cases

Product visualization


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