Become future-proof with virtual reality training

Training with VR glasses requires full physical effort and, thanks to direct experience, is far more effective and more realistic than PC training. VR training also offers the opportunity to simulate complex situations and avoid dangerous situations and risks. Our 3D agency from Munich plans, designs and programs training courses that meet your needs.

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No disruption to operations

Training in a real environment often blocks daily operations. Virtual reality separates the training area from the production area.

Enables complex tranings

Complex training courses in virtual reality can be implemented easily thanks to the latest technology.

Dangerous situations

Acute dangerous situations can be simulated without exposing people to real danger. This means you are prepared for anything.

Time and cost savings

Machines, rooms and trainers provided for training cost time and money and must be maintained or looked after. Virtual reality training only requires a pair of glasses with controllers and some space to display any type of training.

Location independence

Reduce travel costs and train your employees from anywhere in the world in the same environment.

Use Cases

Machine training


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