The bridge of digital communication

Until now, digital conferences have been limited. You had to limit yourself to video, audio and text when it came to conveying ideas and information. Virtual conferencing in VR enables you to enter a digital meeting room with colleagues from all over the world, equipped with known and yet unknown presentation and communication tools. Our 3D agency from Munich plans, designs and programs applications for virtual conferencing that meet your needs.

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extended interaction

Interact with your teammates as if you were in the same room with them. This not only promotes collaboration, but also a team spirit.

innovative presentation tools

Here you will not only find the common presentation tools such as flipcharts and projectors. The digital environment also allows you to dismantle 3D models in the middle of the room, evaluate simulations and talk to team colleagues at the same time, and much more. And all at the same time!

individual room design

The rooms we stay in have an immense influence on our mood. Being able to positively influence the mood at a meeting is therefore a huge advantage. From modern office spaces to a relaxed setting under palm trees: there are no limits.


Work with the entire team simultaneously in one room. Whether it is the same project or different ones is up to you. Simply open a new room if you need some peace or expand the first one.

state-of-the-art data visualization

Visualizing complex data these days usually requires more than just two dimensions. In virtual reality, data can be placed in a concrete relationship to the viewer. This enables a quicker understanding of a wide range of problems.

Use Cases

Meetings (intern/extern)
Trade fair

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